Why You Should Hire a Doula

Jennifer Campbell - Doula In Reno
3 min readMay 26, 2023


As a soon-to-be parent, you may be considering hiring a doula to support you during your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Doulas provide physical, emotional, and informational support, and can be a valuable asset to any family. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a doula:

  • Doulas are trained professionals who provide evidence-based support throughout the birthing process. They are knowledgeable about the labor process and can provide non-medical support to mothers, their partners, and other family members.
  • Having a doula can help reduce stress and anxiety during labor. Studies have shown that having a doula can lead to shorter labor times, as well as fewer interventions such as cesarean sections, forceps deliveries, and vacuum extractions.
  • A doula can provide emotional support throughout the birthing process. They can help you understand your options, and provide reassurance and encouragement during labor and postpartum.
  • A doula can help you create a birth plan that is tailored to your needs and wishes. They can provide resources and direction to help you make informed decisions about your care.
  • Having a doula can help you feel more in control during labor and delivery. They can provide physical support, such as massage, reassurance, and guidance through the labor process.

Hiring a doula is an important decision for any soon-to-be parent. With the right doula, you can have the support you need throughout the birthing process, and have the confidence you need to bring your baby into the world.

Giving birth is an incredibly important event in the life of a woman and her family. Many people turn to doulas for support during this momentous occasion. Doulas provide invaluable assistance in numerous ways during birth and can be a great asset for any woman and her family.

Physical Support

Doulas provide physical support to women through the labor process. This can include massage, counter-pressure, and positioning advice to help the mother cope with the physical demands of labor. Doulas also remind the mother to stay hydrated and eat during labor, which is important for maintaining energy levels.

Emotional Support

Doulas provide emotional support to women during labor. This includes providing reassurance, offering words of encouragement, and helping the mother and her partner get through the difficult parts of labor. A doula can also help the woman to be empowered and in control of her birth experience.

Educational Support

Doulas provide educational support to women and their families. This includes explaining the labor process, helping them understand medical terms, and providing advice on how to make informed decisions. Doulas also provide resources and information to help the family prepare for the birth experience.

How Doulas Reduce Interventions in the Hospital

Hospitals can be places of uncertainty and fear during the birthing process, but doulas can help alleviate some of those concerns. Doulas are trained professionals who provide emotional, physical, and educational support to the birthing person and their partner during pregnancy, labor, the birth process, and postpartum. This support can help reduce the number of medical interventions needed during labor and delivery and can lead to more positive birth experiences overall.

In Closing

Doulas offer invaluable support to women and their families during labor. They provide physical, emotional, and educational support to help the mother have a positive and empowering birth experience, and can be a great asset for any woman and her family during this momentous occasion.



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