Remote Work Parenting: Strategies for Success with Kids in Tow

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The rise of remote work has brought unique challenges for parents of toddlers and babies, combining the demanding roles of childcare and professional responsibilities within the same space. For parents (like myself) who work from home, maintaining productivity at work while ensuring their young children are well cared for is a balancing act that requires thoughtful planning and effective strategies.

The key lies in creating a harmonious environment where work and parenting coexist. This article explores various approaches to help remote-working parents thrive in their professional and familial roles.

I had an online business as a VA (Virtual Assistant) for 6 ½ years prior to going back to doula work. In that time, we were able to homeschool again, and have grandkids at the house — which was wonderful AND sometimes challenging to balance. With doula work, my appointments and births are outside of my home, however, there’s SO MUCH that happens behind the scenes, that I work everyday ON my business. Finding a way to make this work well, has been important to me for almost 9 years now.

Childproofing Your Workspace

Childproofing the workspace is crucial for parents working from home for safety and peace of mind. It’s essential to secure cords, cover electrical outlets, and use safety gates to prevent toddlers from wandering into areas they shouldn’t be in. Keeping work equipment out of kids’ reach and ensuring that the workspace is free from small, ingestible objects are also critical measures.

Such precautions protect the child and allow parents to focus on work tasks without constant worry. Additionally, having a few safe toys in the office space is wise to keep toddlers engaged while parents are working.

I set up my office in a spare bedroom with a twin bed, pack and play, box of toys and a magnet/dry erase board in it. I have the printer on top of a set of cubby shelves so little hands can’t get to it. I use a PC and my laptop, so there was always a spare computer in case we wanted to watch something while I worked. My homeschooled child has her own laptop making her independent, so if she needs to focus more, it’s easy for her to move to a more quiet location.

Balancing Education with Parenting

Balancing education with parenting is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor, especially for those aiming to enhance their skills or change careers. The advent of online degree programs has opened new doors for parents, offering them an opportunity to pursue higher education without compromising their family responsibilities.

These programs cover various aspects of education theory, methods, and classroom management and offer immense flexibility, allowing parents to study at their own pace. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for those juggling full-time jobs and childcare, as it enables them to tailor their study schedule around their other commitments.

Consequently, online education has become a viable and popular option for parents seeking to further their education and career prospects without sacrificing family time.

I recommend leaning into what you want to do long-term and gaining education through online avenues. It worked really well when I changed from VA work back to being a doula (now that my kids are older). I also searched for grants and scholarships and directly asked agencies if they offer scholarships to save money on earning the education necessary to launch into a new career.

Creating a Structured Schedule

Developing a structured daily schedule can significantly enhance a remote-working parent’s productivity. This should include dedicated blocks of time for focused work, regular breaks, and quality time with children.

Balancing work tasks with the rhythm of a child’s day — such as aligning work-intensive tasks with nap times — can lead to more efficient use of time. It’s also essential to build in time for personal care and relaxation to avoid burnout. A well-planned schedule helps in setting clear boundaries between work and family time, ensuring neither aspect of life is neglected.

I LOVE using my calendar. It’s helped free up more time in the day and reminds me of what’s important. I go to the gym every morning at 5:30 and I don’t need it on the calendar to remember. I want it there to remind me of the priorities I have, set boundaries on other meetings, give myself accountability, and it shows that I value the time I need for myself.

I use Google for all my day to day scheduling, however, for my podcast and doula consults, I use Acuity which links to my Google calendar. That allows me to set up appointment types, ask questions to gain information necessary prior to the appointment, and reduce unnecessary emails, texts, etc… back and forth.

Designating a Dedicated Workspace

Having a dedicated workspace is vital for remote-working parents. This designated area should be organized and equipped with all necessary work materials, allowing for efficient and productive work sessions.

A well-set-up workspace enhances focus and signals to children that this area is for work purposes. When children understand that the workspace is separate from the play area, it helps establish boundaries — even for younger children. An organized workspace also reduces the time spent looking for documents or tools, maximizing work efficiency.

Now that we live full-time in an RV, my setup has changed. What hasn’t changed is that it’s still clearly delineated space. My daughter has cupboards for all her homeschool supplies, and I have the same for my work space. Certainly, our laptops can be put away and we can use our much more limited space for other things, but it’s still important to separate it out.

Seeking Support and Asking for Help

It’s vital for remote-working parents to recognize when they need support and not hesitate to ask for it. This might involve seeking help from family members or friends or hiring a professional caregiver for a few hours a week.

Open communication with employers about parenting responsibilities and the need for flexible working hours can also be beneficial. Having a support system in place not only eases the workload but also provides much-needed respite, allowing parents to focus better when working and to be more present with their children.

Whether you run your own business, or work remotely, my experience has been extremely positive. It does mean that at times you fit work into the pockets of your life, but it’s well worth the effort. Knowing your limitations and gaining support makes working — work well.

Final Thoughts

Navigating remote work while parenting toddlers and babies is undoubtedly challenging, but it’s possible to find a balance with the right strategies. By childproofing the workspace, utilizing flexible education options, maintaining a structured schedule, creating a dedicated work area, and seeking support, remote-working parents can manage their dual roles effectively.

Above all, it’s crucial to remember the importance of prioritizing children’s well-being while juggling work responsibilities, ensuring that both family and career receive the attention they deserve.

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