One Week Of Full-Time RV Life — What We Like And What We Would Change

Jennifer Campbell - Doula In Reno
3 min readApr 26, 2022

It’s been just over a week since we moved into the RV and we love it more than we imagined! Who knew full-time RV life would go this smoothly?!

I did a walk-through video after our move-in (although naturally, we’re still moving things around). Check it out HERE!


** How small my side of the bed is

** Floors are COLD — not just a little

** Lower kitchen cabinets — what were they thinking?

** Tetris everything — shuffle things (this gets better as you figure out what to put where to decrease the amount you move one thing to get to another thing)

** Tire pressure changes due to weather & leveling the RV

** Not having an indoor home gym (we had one in our house and loved it)

** Refrigerator size (least favorite)

Some of my favorite things!


** Our cabinet/butcher block area

** How much light — day or night. It’s seriously better than any house we’ve lived in

** Ability to use curtains to block out the outside (heat, cold, light, people looking in)

** Storage ottomans

** Fast and easy to clean

** Heater/AC are the bomb

** Composting toilet

** Bathroom area

** Placement of our electronics/computers/TV/stereo sound, etc..

** The reading light in the bedroom

** Velcro, magnets, S-hooks, cup hooks, and command strips

** Forces you to confront your stuff — papers, junk drawers, extra EVERYTHING that you don’t need from socks to Tupperware. Things don’t always need to be replaced — it’s very freeing to let go of accumulation

** You need to be very deliberate with things the moment they come into the RV — you have to have a place for everything

** Creativity and use of space (cork board inside the cabinets for example)

** We spend time much more “together”

** Our plastic folding table is invaluable

** I accidentally created 3 places to have an office set up! I love the versatility and ability to change it up

** We also created two places to watch TV — Danes computer and in our bedroom. It was a shock that all things fit — and don’t get in the way


** Using the cab as a closet

** Use underneath of RV for extra storage

** Having our regular fridge outside


** When you are the first one getting up in the morning — you have to really plan out what you need (socks, water, clothes, etc…) to make the least noise

** We thought we’d really get in each other’s way, and that’s not an issue

** Cooking isn’t as difficult — we use the grill just as often. We bought an outdoor griddle. The convection/microwave is fantastic

** There is always something to do on the RV

** The composting toilet was dumped for the first time — and it was easy. Video HERE



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