My Favorite Cold Weather Running Gear

I’ll admit it — there’s a chill in the air. Tuesday mornings 5:20 am run was the chilliest at about 40* and it’s definitely time to make some changes. I’m sharing my favorite cold weather running gear. Runners are picky. I don’t like anything on my waist, I can’t stand to hold things, the hydration pack is awkward, I need music to run, I don’t like anything bouncing in my pockets, etc…. But it’s true that when things rub you the wrong way (literally and figuratively), it can throw off your run. It can also make you uncomfortable. I’d like everything to velcro to me wherever I put it. Not bounce, not move, nothing in pockets, nothing on my waist or in my hands. Until that happens, we do what we can. I do like the velcro idea though……

I don’t generally like things on my waist but the FlipBelt was a pleasant surprise. I got smart and safe and decided to always carry my phone especially after I had my first of two asthma attacks. I never leave home without my inhaler and my phone, even though my asthma is much better. Especially in summer when pockets aren’t as available, this has been great. I’ve been using it for about two years now and it’s still in great shape. Once I hit the ten-mile mark it’s less comfortable (hello belly bloat!) so I was looking for an alternative that would fit those two items plus a key or clicker to unlock the car (yeah, I’m a techie — clicker). For water, I’m still and always in love with the Nathan handheld small size. It fits in my hand stays put without having to hold it, etc…. I’ve gone through two bottles and a few caps.

On a recent 10 mile run, I decided to carry a larger bottle with a pocket that fit my phone and inhaler so I didn’t have anything on my waist. I was miserable. First world problems indeed, but don’t mess with a runner who’s having gear issues. The round bottle made my fingers cramp (mostly the thumb and pinky) and I had to grip it even with the sleeve. I hated it. When I finished the run at Reno Running Company, I asked what else they had with the pocket and maybe a little bigger than the small Nathan. Another Nathan. Of course.

The thing I love about these bottles is that they fit in my palm without even thinking about it. No budging, no thought, no-hassle I also don’t love things in my hands, however, it’s better than around my waist for long periods. Sometimes you’ve got to roll with what you’ve got since there’s no velcro option (yet!). The Nathan bottles at least stay put so it doesn’t feel like holding something. The dog and leash — that’s another issue entirely.

I already started using my knuckle lights on morning runs when it’s dark and I still love them after 3 years of use. With a water bottle, knuckle lights, and a dog, I have a lot in my hands for sure, but it works pretty well. I’d like to try my headlight on a hat but don’t have that down yet. I have some cold gear items for the days that we dip below 20* or below 10*. When I need them, I’m very glad I have them, but fortunately, I don’t need them often. When I break these out I should really question my sanity. I also have REI cross-country ski shell pants which I’ve used for years and love. Only for temps below 10*. These are in a container under my bed since I don’t use them often.

In milder cold temps I have my staples. This is the gear that gets used all winter. All of it is a few years old and in great shape. That’s a benefit of buying quality. I throw on a long sleeve shirt, capris or running tights and I’m good to go for most of the winter. I always stock up on dollar store gloves for the kids and I and we use them all winter. I get lots of fun colors and never worry about losing one since they’re super cheap. For other winter running preparedness, I’ve gone through my running tights (and ordered a new pair that I can’t wait to share with you!), capris and tops. Everything is still looking great and if it ain’t broke, I won’t try to fix it. I’m using what I already know I like. Colder temperatures. I’m ready for you!

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Jenn is Mom of 18, Transformational Coach for Christian women, host of At A Crossroads with The Naked Podcaster, Author, Runner, Minimalist, & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

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