Days 30–60 On The Carnivore Diet — The Journey Continues

My Goals When I Started:

  • Less coffee. My plan was to drink 2–3 cups a day instead of 1/2 a pot or more
  • Better sleep and no sleep aids. I use melatonin sleep gummies every night and I wanted to ditch them
  • Better skin. My thighs, butt, and upper arms recently started getting dry bumps on them. I combatted most of it by using eczema lotion, however, I want them to clear up
  • No alcohol. Although I don’t drink often, and I like the way a buzz makes me feel, it disrupts my sleep and I often feel gross or “off” the next day. I sometimes get headaches
  • GI system functioning better. I do take fiber (since my hysterectomy), and my functional medicine doctor likes the vitamins and supplements I’m on, so although I’m keeping that the same, I still have GI issues and upsets that I’m hopeful will subside
  • More consistent energy levels
  • Improved mood — less emotional highs and lows (not feeling like I want to cry). This doesn’t happen often, I’m just aware of it. Feeling unmotivated since Covid is part of this issue
  • Improved mental clarity
  • My heaviest weight was 154. I got down to 143.7 (my husband lost 19 pounds in the first month and yes — it’s possible to be proud AND jealous simultaneously!)
  • The bumps on my arms and thighs cleared up for the most part, and my skin started looking better
  • All my puffiness was gone and I could wear my wedding ring again. Between the puffiness and an eczema-like reaction under my ring, I couldn’t wear it at all. I put it back on 5 days in and haven’t taken it off since
  • I was drinking 2–3 cups of coffee and no sweeteners
  • My sleep was getting better
  • No alcohol
  • Mental clarity was getting better. I felt more focused
  • Consistent energy levels and a “calmness” that was new to me and my mood was more constant and happy
  • My GI system felt GREAT!
  • I DID eat my homemade sourdough bread. It’s amazing! I stopped losing weight — although I still felt fantastic — and I realized (DUH!) I’m not fat-adapted (which can take 12-weeks or more) so I decided to remove it. This is tough because I’m the one baking it and taking it out of the oven and “what’s one or two slices a day going to do if I have no other carbs?” — well, it’s going to make it so I won’t become fat-adapted as easily, and I won’t lose weight. I am glad that we’ve switched to this and removed other bread from our groceries
  • I stopped taking melatonin gummies to sleep. I don’t know when — it just happened and after about a week, I realized that sometime right after the 30-day mark I just stopped. My sleep has been really good on its own
  • The calm is my new normal. Still odd, not a bad thing, different, and I like feeling so even-keeled all-day
  • My energy levels are also consistent. I DO fall asleep at night pretty easily. I don’t FEEL tired early in the day, and my body just does what it wants at the time it wants (sometimes while we’re cuddling watching Star Trek). I have energy until I’m in bed and I’m tired
  • My GI system feels amazing! Almost no issues! I don’t poop as often and I still keep track of that due to the nerve damage I have from my hysterectomy. I will take a laxative after several days of not pooping, which is rare
  • Alcohol — not a tough one for me. Once I stop, I don’t really have any desire for it. I did have 1/2 a beer three weeks into this month. It affected me FAST and I didn’t really like it so I dumped it
  • Mental clarity — this is still difficult for me to gauge — I’m not “foggy” or forgetful though




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Jenn Taylor — Mom Of 18

Jenn Taylor — Mom Of 18

Mom Of 18 Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® Adoption & Surrogacy Doula Breastfeeding Counselor Reno, NV 15+ Years In The Foster Care Sector, Blogger, Podcast