Becoming Fat Adapted — What It Means and How To Do It

What Is Fat Adaptation and How Do You Get It?

What Happens When You Become Fat Adapted? How Do You Know It’s Happening?

  • Losing body fat. At first you drop water weight and then you lose weight while you’re still becoming fat adapted
  • Better sleep. This can get worse before it gets better, and it does get better. Hang in there
  • Craving control. Compared to carbohydrates, fat fills you up better and cravings for carbs and sugar reduce
  • You need less food. I see this a lot. After fat-adapting, folks naturally adjust to a lower caloric load. Hunger hormones are partly responsible, but the body also gets more efficient at using fat over time. It’s challenging for some people to stop relying on calories, macros or weighing food
  • Steady energy. Being fat-adapted means relying less on sugar, and more on fatty acids, for energy production. Fat is a more stable energy source.
  • Mental performance. A fat-adapted brain creates less oxidative stress. It’s like upgrading to a car that drives faster and emits less exhaust.
  • Endurance capacity. Fat-adaptation uses fat as fuel, so your reserve tank stays full for longer during endurance exercise.



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Jenn Taylor — Mom Of 18

Jenn Taylor — Mom Of 18

Mom Of 18 Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® Adoption & Surrogacy Doula Breastfeeding Counselor Reno, NV 15+ Years In The Foster Care Sector, Blogger, Podcast