7 Years Of Minimalism — Websites, Tips, and Tricks


  • There is no one size fits all
  • You will determine what your style REALLY is as you go through items and weed them out. This is so exciting because you get super clear on what you like from the clothes you wear to your furniture and pictures
  • I have regretted (almost) nothing I’ve gotten rid of — and the couple items I do miss, I could replace if I really wanted to
  • Paring down the toughest things — stuff you’ve been carrying around for years, or sentimental belongings — if you just take some time, and allow yourself to work through the emotions, become easier and easier to let go of


  • Most things are just things and can be replaced. Having said that, replacing every single thing is difficult and emotional
  • Your family and the community are really there when you need them and it feels good to know you’re loved
  • The items you lose that are sentimental — you will wish you had done something with. Take photos of cards, scan photos and albums so they can be reprinted. Basically, if it’s important to you, figure out how to “save” it as best you can
  • If it can’t be saved, you have to process that it’s gone — be kind and gentle to yourself
  • YOU are more important so the fact that no one was hurt
  • A lot of what you owned, you don’t want to replace. You realize a huge amount of it doesn’t matter and isn’t worth replacing
  • A comfortable bed is priceless — as are comfortable shoes





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Jenn Taylor — Mom Of 18

Jenn Taylor — Mom Of 18

Mom Of 18 Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® Adoption & Surrogacy Doula Breastfeeding Counselor Reno, NV 15+ Years In The Foster Care Sector, Blogger, Podcast